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In a globalized world, national markets are playing less and less a role. We recognized this and took it into account early on, and have specialized in global communications since 2001. In addition to our own language expertise (German, English, Spanish, and French), we also can facilitate translation into many other languages.

•  Corporate Communication (external and internal)
•  Online Communication
•  Public Relations / Press Releases / Press Information / Press Kit
•  Corporate Media / Customer Magazines / Special Publications / Brochures
•  Corporate Book
•  Product-PR
•  B2B

Moving images visualize and emotionalize ideas; they carry conviction across linguistic and cultural borders. We make your voice better heard by producing convincing video messages – sensitively, creatively, and efficiently. The many techniques of modern motion picture communication allow us to find a specific scenario for each corporate client. Our work is based on over ten years of know-how within the field of audiovisual corporate communication, and experience working with large companies.

•  Online Video
•  Product Video
•  Internal Communications
•  Training Video / Tutorial
•  Corporate Film / Video
•  Trade Fair Film / Promotional Video
•  Corporate TV
•  TV